Secretary-General of the Iraqi National Congress: Basra is the key city and what we see about it is not pleasing
2017-10-12 26

Secretary-General of the Iraqi National Congress Mr.”Aras Habib Kaream” showed on September 11, 2017, his sorry for what Basra passing through like the poor level of services, clan disputes, environmental pollution and associated cancer.

“We read, hear, and see a lot about Basra, but unfortunately not so pleasing, whether at the services Levels, clan conflicts, environmental pollution, and the associated diseases like cancer,” said the Secretary-General in a public post on his official Facebook page, and he pointed out that” Basra is different from the others, and therefore such a phenomena should be far from this port city and the city that offers good and creativity in all fields since its inception. “

The Secretary-General added: “as the speech about Basra is often associated with who is representing it by deputies and officials in the parliament and the government, I see that Basra in particular, the city of all Iraqis, and this is what I have experienced with its good people during my multiple visits,” considering it “the key city, and this what makes it the second capital of the country, as well as its contribution in the national income of more than 80% of the oil production imports, and perhaps the question I put here, and the others wonder too, is what we gave it, and what it gave us in return? “Stressing that” if we can answer this question, Basra reality will change the next day “.

The Media Office
The Iraqi National Congress
September 11, 2017