Secretary-General of the Iraqi National Congress: What Iraq has achieved from Arabian and international achievements reflects a cohesive and sober performance in the institutional work
2017-10-12 18

The Secretary-General of the Iraqi National Congress, Mr. “Aras Habib Kaream”, assumed on Thursday, October 12, 2017, that what Iraq has achieved from Arabian and international, means that the Iraqi performance at home and abroad, and in various fields, has begun to unite more and more.

“We do’nt add anything new when we relate Iraq’s recent achievements in the Arabian and international arena, especially in the fight against terrorism, as this relation is reducing from the importance of what is achieved, as if an exceptional situation” said the Secretary-General in a public post on his official Facebook page, pointing out that “the most important for us, is the context through which every achievement is achieved, including Iraq wining announcement, represented by the Interior Ministry, and ranked the first place in the periodic competition of awareness and cultural which related with the civil protection (civil defense) in the field of fighting the environmental disasters and reducing its impacts, which is a victory over all the Arabian counterparts, according to the appreciation certificate that issued by the General Secretariat of the Arab Interior Ministers Council. “

The Secretary-General added: “What is achieved means that the Iraqi performance inside and outside and in various fields has become more and more cohesive, and there is concern for the institutional work, which, as much as benefiting from the emergency circumstances, is now achieving leaps,” noting that means the Iraqi mind becomes able not only on just the achievement, but also compete and win in the advanced ranks, including how to link the security work and civil and its community environment, which could if it evolve to eliminates the scourge of security and the germ of terrorism. “

The Media Office
The Iraqi National Congress
October 12, 2017